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I'm Brent Keane, I'm an Aussie in his mid-30's, and synchronicity, geekery & bloggery is what you'll find here. My other blog: Keane On Comics. (I'll update my FAQ page sometime soon, promise.)

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…and while I didn’t hate it, it’s basically the Spider-Man mythos in excelsis: not quite enough humor to balance out the pathos/melodrama & dodgy character motivation. (Basically, all Doctor Manhattan Electro wanted was someone to notice him, and they play it as if he’s mentally ill, which I had problems with - even within the context of the story.) Andrew Garfield, though, is note-perfect as Peter/Spidey, but Emma Stone’s role as Gwen Stacy is largely thankless and lacking in her trademark ebullience. (And the less said about Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon/Electro, the better.) Marc Webb frames the whole megilla quite well, but much like its predecessor, it feels rote and cranked-out.

It’s an okay film. But given how largely consistent and entertaining the Marvel Studios films have been, ‘okay’ doesn’t really cut it for Marvel’s flagship character.

Optimus Prime sez “Happy Easter!”

Optimus Prime sez “Happy Easter!”

would you ever come to australia for conventions or Oz Comic Con?
brentkeane brentkeane Said:


Never been invited, but it’s certainly possible. Australia is hard, for obvious reasons, but I’ve made the trip before for something else, and dug the place.

Actually, Gillen’s name came up in conversation at Supanova last weekend as someone Aussie fans would like to see make the trip (back) Down Under, especially so given the number of JiM/Young Avengers fans I know. So hopefully one of the local cons will take note and make it happen sooner or later!



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thanks joffrey

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Are you SURE Howard?

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Sky Ferreira — Everything Is Embarrassing
Maybe if you let me be your lover
Maybe if you tried then I would not bother
Could have been my anything
Now everything’s embarrassing

As soon as this gif set cropped up, I had to put the song on. If you haven’t heard it, click on the Vimeo link above, it’s fantastic.

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Queen Margaery - breaker of awkward moments.

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