"...one of the nicest people on tumblr." - godiseven

I'm Brent Keane, I'm an Aussie in his mid-30's, and synchronicity, geekery & bloggery is what you'll find here. My other blog: Keane On Comics. (I'll update my FAQ page sometime soon, promise.)

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I’m trying to understand our world. I don’t deal with petty materialists like you. (Max Cohen in Pi; directed by Darren Aronofsky)

  • My name’s Brent. I’m in my mid-30’s; straight (but not narrow) and Australian. Roughly translated from the Gaelic, my name means “An Uphill Battle”.
  • This is my most recent GPOY.  (Updated 3/9/11)
  • These are my particulars.
  • As are these.
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  • Some stats.
  • This is a selection of my favourite posts, and the ones that give the best insight into who I am.
  • This Oscar Wilde quote was the most popular of anything I’ve posted to Tumblr, but that’s no longer true.
  • For additional samples of my writing, go here: http://bit.ly/micf_bk - and here: http://bit.ly/9a_bk
  • I used to be a disc jockey for a couple of years (both the best and worst job I ever had), so you’ll see a lot of music on this blog, both from Youtube and my own collection. Here’s my mixtape.
  • I love Doctor Who (both old-school and new flavour).
  • I kick arse at trivia nights.
  • I’m brilliant at karaoke, and have acted as a host/MC on several occasions.
  • I suffer from depression and (admittedly, very mild) social anxiety. Occasionally, I will post things that will tend to be a tad dark. So bear that in mind - I do tend to bounce back after a couple of days.
  • Awhile back, I got into making mashups, and I am proud of the ones I’ve produced so far. Some have been posted to Tumblr via Fuck Yeah Mashups! (although not but me, but I was very flattered to see other people digging them). Those of you who have followed me for a while will recognize my old Tumblr/Twitter username as being my mashup non de plume.
  • Years ago, I reviewed graphic novels and the like for various websites; my review of WATCHMEN was quoted on its Wikipedia entry, and some other Alan Moore-related pieces were excerpted in this award-nominated book about the celebrated English author. (And yes, I was quite thrilled when I found this out.)