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The scene immediately following this wonderful finger-licking goodness.

In which James McAvoy flirts. With a man. Who is clearly very interested. And who can blame him?

In other words, there is absolutely no reason for you not to watch State of Play.

Seconding this rec hardcore, even if you aren’t a fan of McAvoy, Kelly MacDonald, Bill Nighy, David Morrisey, Philip Glennister, Polly Walker, or John Simm (yeah it’s pretty much a fucking Who’s Who of UK actors), it is an excellently-written thriller and includes some fucking awesome shots of London, including the denoument which TAKES PLACE AT A SPOT ABOUT A FIVE MINUTE WALK BEHIND MY HOUSE. I get excited by that every time I imagine it.

(Clearly they liked the area while filming as John Simm and Mr McAvoy and his ladywife apparently both live round here).

This was pretty much the point where I went “oh, this guy is good”. I know Steph made a point of seeing it based on me banging on about it, so if you have any sort of interest in excellent television, you really should make a point of watching this.

(via saxifraga-x-urbium)

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    This was so arhlktjltggwh tho
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    The subtlest obvious flirting I’ve ever seen.
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    He’s a manipulative little tease in state of play
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    For those who haven’t seen State of Play but have seen all the gifs floating around, the gif of McAvoy in that coat...
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