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I'm Brent Keane, I'm an Aussie in his mid-30's, and synchronicity, geekery & bloggery is what you'll find here. My other blog: Keane On Comics. (I'll update my FAQ page sometime soon, promise.)

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R.E.M. - Strange Currencies

I don’t know why you’re mean to me
When I call on the telephone
And I don’t know what you mean to me
But I want to turn you on, turn you up, figure you out,
I want to take you on

Hands down, my favourite REM song. (And I’m sure someone out there in the audience is going, “of course it is.”) To Mssrs. Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe: thanks.

Aside: the video for this tune - directed by Mark (Never Let Me Go) Romanek - isn’t on YouTube. That’s an oversight that needs to be redressed.

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