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When the news broke early yesterday morning that Kristen Stewart had apparently cheated on Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White & The Huntsman, it was met with a shrug of the shoulders by me. Celebrity scandal? Big whoop.

However, the press release issued by Stewart admitting her culpability in the affair - even if it smacks of PR spin - stuck me as a brave move. She took responsibility and owned her behaviour. Regardless of her relationship ins-and-outs, about which the gossip mags can only speculate (hey, it’s their stock-in-trade), you have to respect that.

I happen to think Stewart’s a decent actor - I quite liked her performances in Adventureland and The Runaways - but she cops a lot of unnecessary flack for not playing the Hollywood game the paparazzi & audiences would like her to. And admittedly, the whole “scandal” is something of a non-story. But hey, Stewart’s human. She’s not a programmable automation that exists solely for our amusement (perceived acting skills notwithstanding).

Maybe that’s the real story here.

  1. comiccharm said: I hate it when they start commenting on what she looks like, as if that has any relevance to the situation at all. i.e. ‘she was looking hagged wearing a pair of cut-off shorts-’ I mean, wtf?
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