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…my question to you is…do you have a story or anecdote from a time when a comics pro (or genre personality, whatever) was kind to you, or generous, or helpful?  Was there a time when someone whose work you admired ever brightened your day personally?

Bryan Talbot made my first ever comics convention a much more lovely experience and spent a good long time talking to me about script-writing and drew me a picture even though I was only asking (rather meekly) to have a book signed. He was warm, friendly, and effusive about getting to talk to a reader. Genuinely lovely man. <3

[I mean I’d also say something nice about Kieron Gillen since he bought me dinner a couple of times but that doesn’t count because I knew him before he was An Comics Pro and was merely Kieron Gillen: Famous Games Journalist and anyway he talks far too fast when he’s drunk and won’t use a notebook like a normal human person]

To a man - and, indeed, woman - all of the pros I’ve met at cons have been great to talk to. George Perez was a lovable bear of a man. Greg Capullo was genuinely enthusiastic. Nicola Scott was wonderful (and oh, how I gushed). Agnes Garbowska was absolutely lovely. Even those pros I spoke to only briefly - like Marv Wolfman, David Yardin, Frank Cho, Darick Robertson, Carlos Pacheco & Francis Manapul - were cordial at the very least. Oh, and Brian Michael Bendis was extremely generous with his time.

The one exception was the writer of a major franchise who attended Supanova Melbourne in 2011. He was very brusque and seemed unwilling to be there, and only perked up when discussing a collaboration with an artist he frequently worked with in his (the writer’s) heyday. Given that I’d grown up reading his material, I felt quite let down and put a dampener on the rest of the day (although things did improve when I met Cassandra face-to-face).

Admittedly, that’s a pretty good strike rate, but I had been forewarned that said writer was a ‘dick’, to use the description of someone who had a bad encounter with him at the NYCC previous. It would’ve been nice, though, to say ‘thank you’ to the writer in question without made to be feeling like I’d been done a favour…!

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    By Gail Simone (gailsimone):
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    To a man - and, indeed, woman - all of the pros I’ve met at cons have been great to talk to. George Perez was a lovable...
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  4. geektresses said: Jim Lee taking time out of a busy convention weekend to talk to a bunch of non-pro women comic book creators was pretty dang amazing.
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    Well this insanely nice woman named Gail Simone was nice enough to sign my entire stack of comics without a problem. :)...
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    Bryan Talbot made my first ever comics convention a much more lovely experience and spent a good long time talking to me...
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    My first SDCC was 2010 and on preview night, it got started with a bang. I was in the DC area and turned around. There...
  9. katzedecimal said: There’d be that time when this redheaded comic writer woman put up with my Aspie!babble for what seemed like ages, then wanted her picture taken with me. That was cool. The Flash guy had a high tolerance for Aspie!babble too ^_^
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    I have been very fortunate in all of my meetings with comics pros. Everyone I have met has been great - Gail Simone,...
  12. unloadyourload said: 1996, George Perez came to my local comic shop to do signings/sketches for a donation the Diabetes Association. 3 hours in line I doubled the donation amount and got 10! signings and a sketch of WW he spent more than 10 minutes on. Very nice guy.
  13. iskios said: I’ve always seem you joke about Dan Slott on your twitter feed, but had no clue what it was about. I don’t actually know his work, but it seems to me like Mr Slott, whatever his interactions with people have been in the past, is learning from it all.
  14. twogeeksinapod said: Dan Slott just started chatting with me at a comics shop I frequented when he was just there hanging out. Also, I asked Neal Adams to reach a book for me on the top shelf at the same shop. Then he sat down to sign books and I realized who he was.
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  16. hundredthidiot said: Matt Brooker (D’Israeli) is a lovely guy. He drew great sketches for everyone at a convention in Bristol (UK), chatted with people about their favourite comics & films, said lovely things about other artists & admired the comics we brought to sign!
  17. blackreign said: Anytime I get to BS with Pat Gleason. I see him all the time though. His studio is not far from my store and I see him on a regular basis. Terrific guy!
  18. art-of-kenesu said: Unfortunately, I’m terribly shy and seeing a writer or artist that I absolutely adore would make me stutter or faint. I seriously regret it, because I was 10 feet away from Michael Turner back in 2004, but I was in a force field of fear. :-(
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    Gail, you were the first comics writer I ever met. It was just last year, at the London MCM Expo on Saturday. I’m sure...
  20. antoniotyler said: Maybe he and Dan had a system: guy insults him and then hugs him at the end. Honestly, I’ve heard a lot of people say how much the like Dan at cons.
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    Love Dan! But one of the nicest nicest sweetest most considerate guys in comics ever? (says a woman married to a comic...
  22. colonel--dog said: Larry Hama. I had him draw a character that he has no real connection with but I thought it’d be cool to have something “different” that no one else would have. He was very patient and really cool with me and I feel like a dork in hindsight.
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    Bernie Wrightson is one of my idols, and when I finally got to meet him it was all I could do to keep from squealing....
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    @danslott is the best and we’ll beat down anyone who says otherwise!