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I’ve not long got off the phone with my job referral contact.  He tells me to expect a phone call for an interview at a local supermarket regarding nightfill (after-hours shelf stocking), and he’s explained to my potential employer that - and bear in mind, these are his words - “he had a meltdown but he’s on medication so he’s okay now.”


  • I’m not on any anti-depressives, and haven’t been since 2006; and
  • I really don’t appreciate my nervous breakdown - a result of continually working nights as a DJ - being referred to in such a offhand, cavalier fashion.

When I called him on this, he quickly backtracked and explained that’s it’s SOP to fully disclose a client’s particulars, but to misrepresent me like that (I pointedly remarked “that doesn’t even sound like me”) really felt like a betrayal of trust. I’d been having regular appointments with this gent for over a year at this stage, and I’d felt that we’d built up a rapport. I told him all he had to do was explain that I suffer from depression, and leave it at that. Instead, a wholly different picture has been painted of me, which is not something one wants when a potential new job is in the offiing (provided I attend the interview and carry it off successfully).

So yeah, I’m PO’ed.

  1. fodwocket said: Sounds like you’ve got every right to be. It’s sad how little people understand about depression. I hope he at least got it after you called him on it, and will be more respectful in the future. And good luck with the job ^_^
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