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Robert Crumb Cancels Australia Festival Appearance After Being Branded ‘Sex Pervert’

Whether or not you draw inspiration directly from his work or indirectly from its raw expression of free speech, the influence of 67-year-old underground comix icon and The Book of Genesis adaptor Robert Crumb is impossible to ignore. On July 31 the creator received some decidedly negative attention in advance of a visit to Sydney from Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, which called Crumb as a “self-confessed sex pervert,” quoted unspecified sexual assault crisis groups as saying his work is “sick and deranged” and gave anti-child abuse campaigner Hetty Johnston a platform to demonize Crumb’s work as “perverted images emanating from what is clearly a sick mind.” Phased by the rage, Crumb has canceled his upcoming appearance at the August 20-21 Graphic Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

Read more at ComicsAlliance.

FFS, Australian news media.

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