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Let’s be honest here, I would make such a shitty companion.

#But the Dalek looks so cute Doctor, one touch?

#hold on let me just get a pic of this for my blog

#why is there no wifi in the TARDIS

#i’m tired can’t we just be cybermen

As luck would have it, here’s something Tegan and I prepared earlier along these lines:


…because while I have no doubt that Tegan would make an awesome Time Lord, the Grumpy Cat-esque expression I’m sporting ensures that I would fall under the ‘lousy companion’ category.

(This was taken at Tegan’s work on the 23rd November last year. Yes, the date of Doctor Who's 50th annversary.)

(via superheroesontrampolines)

I’ve been sonicked. (with Tegan at Dymocks)


That time I met Edward James Olmos wearing a t-shirt with his face on it #bsg #sosayweall #teamedward

Steph was kind enough to show me this when I ran into her later that day at Supanova last year. She was positively buzzing; I was fanboying over her whilst she was fangirling over Colonel Adama…that’s the beautiful thing about cons, they make fans of us all.

Hey, look: Photographic evidence!

GPOY: meeting a blurry Neil Gaiman at the Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, back in January. (I’d been promising Tegan that I’d post this eventually - she & her friends were at the end of a very long signing queue for Gaiman; guess who decided to pull their thumb out? >points at self<)

Why so serious, me?

GPOY receiving my Xmas bonus from Santa Nika at the Cosplaynaut Xmas meet.

My fellow Top Geek finalist Sandi as FBI Agent Dana Scully (as per The X-Files: Fight The Future) at Oz Comic-Con. Sandi is a bonafide true-blue fan of the aforementioned show, and knows more about it than I could ever hope to. (She’s even met Gillian Anderson!) This is why I get PO’ed when Tony effing Harris shoots his mouth off about cosplayers not being “real fans” - if only he knew the effort cosplayers put into what they wear, for the sake of screen accuracy!


Yaya Han as Catwoman, taken by yours truly at Armageddon Expo Melbourne a few weeks ago.

Let me state for the record that Yaya was truly excellent to converse with, a most gracious guest (considering that her luggage was misplaced and the only case she had was, ironically enough, the one with her costumes inside!), and honestly knows her stuff inside and out. Cosplayers are true fans, and I dare any uppity comic book artist to say different.

Semi-reblogging myself to add a GPOY:

Yeah, I was pretty rapt.

Been awhile since I posted a GPOY, so here’s one from Oz Comic-Con a few weeks ago. The photo was Tegan's idea (she be Robin), while her housie Con took the pic; I just added the onomatopoeia.

(cue Black Sabbath)