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I hear some people talking about wanting comics with like lady super hero teams and WoC and lesbians and bisexual ladies and women not giving a single fuck

Guys Fearless Defenders was a thing that existed

y’all didn’t fucking buy it

it got cancelled after a year

Maybe they didn’t like it?

I mean, I did, but I get why people wouldn’t, and they shouldn’t be obligated to buy a thing they don’t enjoy just because it has the representation they want.

We should not be limited to that kind of choice. Queer women, and women of colour, and disabled women, Muslim and Jewish and pagan women - they should exist throughout comic books, across a multitude of titles.

Readers should not be blamed for a lack of representation.

Fearless Defenders was also a terrible comic with convulouted and pointless plots, the most inane way of pulling a “fridged the lesbian NOPE I FOOLED YOU” ever, artwork that was soulless and unengaging, really clunky dialogue, and full of What Liberal Dudes Think Women Like/Are Like. 

I mean, even by the standards of marvel comics it was pointless and bad, and nobody should feel guilt-tripped into reading and financially supporting a bad comic because it has some window-dressing female characters who are sometimes colored brown and, like, a lesbian kiss. 

You can’t scold people for not loving literally their only option. Any kind of media some people are going to like it and some people are not, regardless of quality or liberality. Not enough of the comic buying public liked it. You don’t get to say “no, you dont get that because you didn’t appreciate it enough that one time we deigned to be more inclusive, why should we bother again?” 

Well maybe I’ll spend my money supporting inclusive webcomics that have good writing and storytelling instead. because in comparison to the print comics industry i have a wealth of options there.

if the book wasn’t full of gross problems and had the entirely-unsuited-to-a-title-about-ladies artist defending the cheesecake right from the start and also claiming that it wasn’t going to set the standard, it might have been different.

but it’s really shitty to try and shame people for wanting better and not being willing to put their hard earned towards a book that a lot of people felt wasn’t fucking worth it. no one should have to settle and just have to like what crumbs they’re given.


of course it can’t.

I sampled the first two issues of Fearless Defenders and, despite all my best hopes, found it dull and unengaging. Cullen Bunn talks a good game, but the execution was lacking, and I feel - much like Rick Remender - he relies overly much on “shocking twists” to carry his story (cf. Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe). Val & Misty never felt ‘right’ to me in situ, and yes, the art was wholly unsuited to the nature of the concept. I wasn’t surprised when it was cancelled, to be honest.

Now, if Kathryn Immonen was to script an ongoing series much along the lines of what she did with the Heralds miniseries (which was hella fun), that I would buy.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you think that Batman should kill the Joker? and possibly other criminals?
brentkeane brentkeane Said:


No, because then he wouldn’t be Batman

Um, nobody read Earth 2 #18 then, because…yeah.


Pretty good definition of comics, right here.


never send a spider-fan to do a batfan’s job


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Oh, Armageddon Expo, no. You’ve already fallen at the first hurdle by using an image like that: evidently a whole bunch of comics & mags featuring covers by J. Scott Campbell, with the cheesecakey stuff prominently displayed. Not a good look. (There are easliy hundreds of better-suited images to give a better idea of what the panel should be about.)

This panel’s a great idea in theory, but I have the feeling it’s gonna be a whole bunch of bro-dudes waxing lyrical about how awesome Batman is. Not very progressive. I really hope it’ll be otherwise…



An Australian copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 from 1976, reprinting work from TALES OF SUSPENSE #70 by Jack Kirby and Mike Esposito.

I want this.

The Newton Comics reprints often crop up on eBay locally, they’re sought-after by older collectors who grew up reading these in the 70’s. (I entertained the vague idea of getting a Fantastic Four reprint for Stan Lee to sign when he was a guest at Oz Comic-Con last year, but maybe it’s just as well that didn’t happen.) But yeah, it’s fair to say we did things differently during the 70’s…


Ask Chris #161: Clash of the Titans

By Chris Sims


Q: How much better is the original Teen Titans series than the New Teen Titans?@boxofmilipedes

A: You know, Millie, it’s funny. New Teen Titans is a book that hits every single checkmark of something I should like. I love teenage superheroes, I’m a sucker for weird team-ups involving goofy combinations like half-demons, half-robots and full-on alien princesses, and Robin and Wally West are two of my all-time favorite characters. Throw those things together in a book by the dude who wrote Tomb of Dracula and the artist who would go on to draw my favorite run ofAvengers? That oughtta be a slam dunk, but every single time I read it, it feels like homework.

Folks, it’s been thirty years. Maybe it’s time we all come together and just admit that New Teen Titans was not that great.


Tumblr Editor’s Note: This is why Chris Sims and I will never be BFFs :(

I will say that the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans material hasn’t aged as well as we may like (Terry Long is a horrible Marty Stu of a character), but the fact that it’s finding new readers even now speaks volumes about its longevity. The old-school Haney/Cardy stuff is, conversely, risible & dated.

Moreover - despite having a huge influence on modern superheroo comics - I personally don’t rate the Claremont/Byrne/Cockrum X-Men Sims cites in his column. I wrote about this for Ninth Art a decade & change ago, and offer it as a rebuttal. I have gone back and tried to read the material since, and yeah, my eyes just slide off the page. Arguably, the likes of “Proteus”, “The Dark Phoenix Saga” & “Days of Future Past” are classics, but I agree with Sims on this much: the storytelling is clunky in the extreme, and I’d be hard-pressed to recommend the above to a modern reader.

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Tony Daniel, writer of such classics [insert sarcasm font] Battle for the Cowl  is currently writing Action Comics. I will not comment on the quality of that book because it’s inconsequential, but lets just say it  ain’t on a my pull list. In his most recent issue he has Clark say to Jimmy that he’s been “friend zoned”. If you’re following me you don’t need to be told why the idea of friend zoning is sexist, but after seeing a post on here about how someone confronted him about it I went to see if he’d apologized. He had not. So I decided that I would add my voice to what I hope will be others. Let’s just say, he did not take kindly to it.



Now before I keep posting I want to make a point of where I was trying to say here. It’s something that Smooth did in his post but really Bomani Jones said once on Hoop Speak. No one has racism or sexism repellent. It’s something we all grow up with and it becomes a part of us. My goal here was to say that the thing he did was sexist, not that he was sexist. Spoiler alert, he did not take it that way


At this point I’m a little angry. I’m tired from my second day of boxing class, my arms are shaking, and this guy cannot be bothered to consider he may be wrong. But I tried to remain civil. I asked if he’d read the article the other girl sent.



When I tried to reply to him again, just to try and point him towards something that may cause him to in some way reflect on the matter. But when I tried I got this


I was blocked! I’m actually kinda happy about this because I’ve never been blocked before. And I mean I’m on NBA twitter so I’ve fought with people before plenty. I have never been blocked though. As my friend Giselle said, Achievement Unlocked. 

After this I mentioned it to Tris because I thought this was great. She decided to jump in. 


Heads up that for my own sake the tweets now go from earliest to latest.


And then there was this little stretch


So now we’re both blocked. We’re blocked buddies. I guess that’s like being the Bash Brothers for D2: Mighty Ducks? I’m going to pretend it is. Just wanted to throw this up on here because I thought it was funny. 


Y’know, I’ve never been a fan of Tony Daniel’s indescribably-bland writing, nor have I ever understood why people like his artwork, but I always tried to give him slack because he seemed like a nice enough guy who really cared about Batman. In retrospect, that issue of his Detective Comics run where he likened Occupy protesters to pro-Joker/anti-Batman malcontents should have been a red flag.

So yeah, not so inclined to go easy on Daniel anymore when I finally get around to reviewing his lousy Hugo Strange and Gilda Dent stories.

Welp, Daniel just joined the likes of Tony Harris & Mark Millar on my shitlist. He can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care. (And Battle for the Cowl was rubbish anyway.)



I have had, in two seperate instances, comedians whose work I admire tell me that I “have a great laugh/am a good laugher”. I think that’s a wonderful thing; in both cases, the comedians in question are both people who have had their own issues to deal with, and yet were able to somehow turn it around and make light of their respective situations as a means of healing.

And I laugh heartily with them, ‘cos I know what it’s like to go through that kinda stuff, and come out the other side. I laugh, ‘cos in sharing their stories, our collective burdens are lightened; in that shared moment, we remember to be human, with all our foibles and peccadilloes.

I laugh. I let it all out. I let it go. There’s a reason why it’s called the best medicine, you know.

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Phonogram: The Singles Club #4 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Finally, someone gif’d it!


Phonogram: The Singles Club #4 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Finally, someone gif’d it!

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