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A belated but no less sincere thank you to Loki Niccals a.k.a. mylifeasaweapon for being an awesome person to hang with during Supanova weekend, and bringing some terrific cosplay game besides. Geeking out with you was indeed a highlight!

A Twil’ek and an Asgardian. Only at a con! (Cosplayers: beans4xibalba & mylifeasaweapon)

By the power of the moon! #sailormoon #supanova #cosplay (at Melbourne Showgrounds)


Cosplay Charity Shop Results: $2535.86 Donated To The Trevor Project

I can’t thank you guys enough for the overwhelming support during my first charity print drive - both those of you who purchased, and those who spread the word. Because of your generosity, we raised $2535.86 to aid the wonderful work done by The Trevor Project. As promised, above is documentation of costs incurred as well as proof of the final donation. 

I’ll open the Charity Print Shop again this holiday season to benefit a new cause - allowing me to fulfill orders while I’m back home in the US for the holidays. I’ll have news on that drive a few months down the line.

HUGE THANK YOU to the photographers that allowed me to sell prints of their work - Jay Tablante, Andrew H Photo, LJintoI Must be Dead PhotographyElysiam Entertainment, Anna Cosplay PhotographyAdam Patrick MurrayMartin WongBenny Lee PhotographyBGZ StudiosFairshadow PhotographyAminda Villa, Downward Viral, and Janie Marie. Also, thank you to Luc WenCharles Holbert, and Vincent Pizarro for allowing me to turn their artwork into stickers!

Lastly, thanks to Monika Lee for helping me get this store off the ground and putting up with my panicked texts and emails as I tried to manage all the stages of fulfillment. <3

Reblogging this to add that my Wonder Woman print (and sticker!) arrived today, and it looks terrific. Well done, Meagan Marie!







Let’s be honest here, I would make such a shitty companion.

#But the Dalek looks so cute Doctor, one touch?

#hold on let me just get a pic of this for my blog

#why is there no wifi in the TARDIS

#i’m tired can’t we just be cybermen

As luck would have it, here’s something Tegan and I prepared earlier along these lines:


…because while I have no doubt that Tegan would make an awesome Time Lord, the Grumpy Cat-esque expression I’m sporting ensures that I would fall under the ‘lousy companion’ category.

(This was taken at Tegan’s work on the 23rd November last year. Yes, the date of Doctor Who's 50th annversary.)

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I told him he didn’t have to, but Tom waited for the polaroid to fully develop before even thinking of signing over it. There are not enough words to describe how thoughtfully sweet he is i’m just so °̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥◡°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥

When I asked Kaori about her meeting with Mr. Hiddleston at Melgeddon last October (right after I snapped this), she mentioned that despite being a week since she & her friends flew to Sydney for the meet-and-greet, she’d only just started to recover…

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BRISNova day two part two

Belatedly reblogging this so officialraejohnston can see it! That Harry Potter, d’aww. (also it’s Melbnova in six weeks time, oh boy)


Steampunk Poison Ivy

Hey, flanneljedi, I believe you know this cosplayer!

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Courtesy of Statigram, here’s my 2013 Instagram hghlights - all cosplay related, of course.

Some of the Doctor Who-themed cosplay from the weekend.