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I'm Brent Keane, I'm an Aussie in his mid-30's, and synchronicity, geekery & bloggery is what you'll find here. My other blog: Keane On Comics. (I'll update my FAQ page sometime soon, promise.)

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Totes drift compatible. #armageddonexpo #cosplay #pacificrim (at Melbourne Showgrounds)

Silly me, I never posted the pic I took of moniicow as Maya from Borderlands, from Supanova back in April. Better late than never, right?


sdcc cosplay sweetness

Reblogging this for flanneljedi (as it’s strangelikethat as the Ventriloquist!).

Just one of the handful of photos taken at Oz Comic-Con today.

Tifa: tonyloki
Aerith: hemsworths
Cloud: @bijyuu

Guys, I found Oberyn, he’s alive and well. #cosplay #ozcomiccon #gameofthrones (at Royal Exhibition Building)

Finally found time to sort and upload the photos I took back in April! Enjoy.




oh no, someone wanted boobies :’(


the best thing is they’re not just for show

dunno what they’re whining about that’s a damn fine misty if i ever saw one

The best part about this is, the Misty cosplayer in question is from Supanova Expo Sydney a fortnight ago. Respect due. (Not to say that verababy's version is bad either, but between this guy, Princess Batman and Captain Patch-It, Aussie cosplayers are on a next-level trip right now.)

(via about-faces)

Testing out the new Instagram options with this previously unshared pic; Jane | hemsworths & Farrah | bijyuu as Clara Oswald & Black Widow, respectively, from Armageddon Expo last year.

As it’s May 4th: from Supanova last year, here’s Steph | beans4xibalba in her regular Twil’ek bounty hunter cosplay. Photo by Caz | nerdburger.