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Silly me, I never posted the pic I took of moniicow as Maya from Borderlands, from Supanova back in April. Better late than never, right?

Just one of the handful of photos taken at Oz Comic-Con today.

Tifa: tonyloki
Aerith: hemsworths
Cloud: @bijyuu

Mario fights back.

Mario fights back.

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Courtesy of Statigram, here’s my 2013 Instagram hghlights - all cosplay related, of course.


The Great Fairy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

I quite like this photo, and she did a great job with this ensemble, despite me not twigging what it was until she reminded me! (I’d clocked OoT at least twice, you’d think I’d recognize it!)

However, the one true bum note I had at Supanova all weekend came right before I took this; a trio of Doctor Who cosplayers (all as the Tenth Doctor, oddly enough) ran up behind me - whilst I was talking to her - and shouted “HEY CAN WE GET OUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH YOU?”

This pissed me off, and I let them know it; I just simply said “Excuse me…you could have waited until I was finished, guys.” My tone of voice indicated I was in mood to be messed with; they very quickly took their picture and slunk off, muttering apologies all the while.

This happened a fair bit over the weekend; I’d be taking a picture whilst someone would literally creep up behind me and snap something on their bloody smartphone without so much as a please or thank you in the cosplayer’s direction. What happened to common courtesy? Or am I just old-fashioned in that respect?

ETA: cosplayer - Bianca Bella

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that is indeed the Flash (“The Fastest Man Alive”) jogging past the clocks of Flinders Street Station! The image is from the latest digital issue of the video-game tie-in Injustice: Gods Among Us, penned by Melbourne native Tom Taylor. The same story has Superman and Wonder Woman breaking up a demonstration taking place on the steps of Parliament House, at the top end of Bourke Street.

After seeing New York, L.A. and London so often in the comics I read growing up, it’s kinda cool to see envirions I’m familiar with in a DC release.

Yes. Yes I am.

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Late-saturday-night-with-a-mild-case-of-existential-angst status update.

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More cosplay pix from Melgeddon.


So I seemed to have forgotten to snap photos of the pieces I had done up on the Saturday of the con. ‘v’

but anyway, here are the few I had snapped from Sunday, using me phone. (I shall most likely update this pic with better photos that were taken using Hugh’s camera.

I have a few much about pieces which I’ll scan in the morning that I’ll upload when they’re scanned up.

cheers for looking.

With my Cass Cain commission smack bang in the middle!