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Courtesy of Statigram, here’s my 2013 Instagram hghlights - all cosplay related, of course.

A slightly belated Oz Comic-Con photo dump/post-mortem:

Anybody who’s been reading my blog for awhile now would recall that I was less then impressed with how the organizers behind OzCC acquitted themselves last year. Thankfully, they seemed to have ironed out the kinks; on the whole, it was a fun and highly pleasant experience. Other than waiting an hour to get in (arrived at 8:30am, doors didn’t open for non-ticket holders until 9:20), there were no real problems to speak of.

The cosplay was of an extremely high standard, and even though I didn’t take a heap of pictures, what I did snap was quality. A Captain Marvel cosplayer got nods from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick & designer Jamie McKelvie, whilst a Huntress got love from former Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone (and as a result is now the most-seen photo I’ve uploaded to Flickr).

On a personal level, it was just nice to catch up with people; I even got approached/recognized at a couple of points, which threw me a bit! I spent the bulk of the afternoon dagging around with Liz and seeing the X-Men: First Class group she was a part of (very impressive!), alongside schmoozing with a few of the comics guests; I had a fairly lengthy convo with Aussie phenom Nicola Scott about her current gig, and Phil Jimenez was absolutely lovely to talk to (despite a head cold on his part).

Also, having it at the old Exhibition Building lent proceedings a wholly different vibe compared to the Showgrounds, or indeed, Jeff’s Shed; negoiating the upper tier whilst walking past a gaggle of Dissney Princesses and Starfleet officers was a touch surreal.

On the whole, a quantum leap over last year, and if they manage the same standard once again in 12 months time, I’d most definitely be back.


at comic con today this dude would just stand there peacefully with his head down and next minute he’d jump at someone and scream “PLANT MAN!!”


I’ll just be over here, having flashbacks to last year’s convention.

Liz has just now penned an excellent op-ed for Cosplaynaut on the whole Tony Harris controversy entitled “Cosplay ain’t Comics - But Neither Is Misogyny.” I thoroughly recommend y’all read it: a whole passel of nails are hit on the proverbial head.

(As for why I picked this pic of her and Gin at Oz Comic-Con: yours truly was standing off to the left like a doofus when this was taken…)

My fellow Top Geek finalist Sandi as FBI Agent Dana Scully (as per The X-Files: Fight The Future) at Oz Comic-Con. Sandi is a bonafide true-blue fan of the aforementioned show, and knows more about it than I could ever hope to. (She’s even met Gillian Anderson!) This is why I get PO’ed when Tony effing Harris shoots his mouth off about cosplayers not being “real fans” - if only he knew the effort cosplayers put into what they wear, for the sake of screen accuracy!

My Lady Loki piece that I acquired from David Yardin at Oz Comic-Con now hangs over my computer desk; I quite enjoy the fact that the Goddess of Mischief is watching over me as I blog, like some bizarre patron saint.

I walked past this group of cosplayers at one point during Oz Comic-Con weekend and quipped at ‘em, “Going out for shwarma later?”

Black Widow replied “fuck yeah!”

That was a nice little moment (which I’d honestly forgot about until just now).

(via georgialynette)


I got to see Stan ‘The Man’ Lee in full (if rehearsed) flight, and had two genuine rockstar moments on both days, having him ushered past me replete with minders. Panels with Nicola Scott/Francis Manapul & Mitch Pileggi were fun & informative (and a chance to rest one’s feet besides). I got to geek out with fellow comic book fans, and fanboy out over people whose work I’d admired for ages. 

The resulting PR fallout, though, was nothing short of a fustercluck; attendees who had been turned away on Saturday were howling for blood on the Oz Comic-Con Facebook page, only to find comments rapidly deleted, citing ‘sensitivity issues’. Tweets from the official Oz Comic-Con Twitter account were more plentiful on Sunday and disseminated info quickly,  but my opting to read out a tweet stating that the doors had been closed briefly – while still a ways back in the queue – was soul-crushing; people audibly groaned while others vacated the line with haste. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news.

If you want to read how an Australian convention with top-name guests turned out to be an utter disaster, click on the link above.

Yep, I done wrote a thing (if somewhat belatedly) about Oz Comic-Con and how badly it was run. Give it a squiz?

Been awhile since I posted a GPOY, so here’s one from Oz Comic-Con a few weeks ago. The photo was Tegan's idea (she be Robin), while her housie Con took the pic; I just added the onomatopoeia.