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1280_CMC_8418 by Bitspitter.

Taken just prior to San Diego Comic-Con last weekend.

Just one of the handful of photos taken at Oz Comic-Con today.

Tifa: tonyloki
Aerith: hemsworths
Cloud: @bijyuu

Finally found time to sort and upload the photos I took back in April! Enjoy.







Let’s be honest here, I would make such a shitty companion.

#But the Dalek looks so cute Doctor, one touch?

#hold on let me just get a pic of this for my blog

#why is there no wifi in the TARDIS

#i’m tired can’t we just be cybermen

As luck would have it, here’s something Tegan and I prepared earlier along these lines:


…because while I have no doubt that Tegan would make an awesome Time Lord, the Grumpy Cat-esque expression I’m sporting ensures that I would fall under the ‘lousy companion’ category.

(This was taken at Tegan’s work on the 23rd November last year. Yes, the date of Doctor Who's 50th annversary.)

(via superheroesontrampolines)

Some of the Doctor Who-themed cosplay from the weekend.

Here’s Michaela's Femshep cosplay from Saturday. It was great to catch up with her, however briefly.

I’m far too tired to make a more in-depth post about how spectacular the weekend was, so here’s the vast majority of the photos I took across two days spent at the Showgrounds. Enjoy!



And speaking of Young Avengers, here’s Jacqui as Kate ‘Hawkeye’ Bishop!

(Technical notes: the first two were taken on the Saturday of Armageddon Expo, and the latter two on the Sunday. I thought it’d be a neat idea to make use of the carnival rides on site as a makeshift backdrop, and fortunately Jacqui agreed!)

Look at my glorious pink sun burn. Thank you for these photos dude!

Most welcome, it was my pleasure!

A slightly belated Oz Comic-Con photo dump/post-mortem:

Anybody who’s been reading my blog for awhile now would recall that I was less then impressed with how the organizers behind OzCC acquitted themselves last year. Thankfully, they seemed to have ironed out the kinks; on the whole, it was a fun and highly pleasant experience. Other than waiting an hour to get in (arrived at 8:30am, doors didn’t open for non-ticket holders until 9:20), there were no real problems to speak of.

The cosplay was of an extremely high standard, and even though I didn’t take a heap of pictures, what I did snap was quality. A Captain Marvel cosplayer got nods from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick & designer Jamie McKelvie, whilst a Huntress got love from former Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone (and as a result is now the most-seen photo I’ve uploaded to Flickr).

On a personal level, it was just nice to catch up with people; I even got approached/recognized at a couple of points, which threw me a bit! I spent the bulk of the afternoon dagging around with Liz and seeing the X-Men: First Class group she was a part of (very impressive!), alongside schmoozing with a few of the comics guests; I had a fairly lengthy convo with Aussie phenom Nicola Scott about her current gig, and Phil Jimenez was absolutely lovely to talk to (despite a head cold on his part).

Also, having it at the old Exhibition Building lent proceedings a wholly different vibe compared to the Showgrounds, or indeed, Jeff’s Shed; negoiating the upper tier whilst walking past a gaggle of Dissney Princesses and Starfleet officers was a touch surreal.

On the whole, a quantum leap over last year, and if they manage the same standard once again in 12 months time, I’d most definitely be back.

Since Nicholas Winding Refn’s impending remake of Barbarella seems to be in the news today, here’s several familiar faces attempting their take on the character, alongside Jane Fonda’s original for comparison’s sake. (All images cultivated from Steve Cook’s most excellent blog Secret Oranges, which is well worth a look-see.)