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A fantastic! Femme Ninth Doctor, photographed at Supanova Expo Melbourne 2013.

Yep, I took this. Thing was, I wouldn’t have known she was cosplaying as the Ninth Doctor if not for her sonic screwdriver! But she was very amenable to this tired old duffer taking a couple of pics - here’s the first one I snapped:

She was really lovely & patient too, it must be said, especially as it was the Sunday afternoon of the con, where most everyone’s dog-tired.

Veruschka models for Lanvin Parfums, 1972.
1979: A Now! magazine cover featuring Persis Khambatta - Indian model, actress and author (2 Oct 1948 – 18 Aug 1998) as Lieutenant Ilia in the first Trek film Star Trek: The Motion Picture.




Tony Stark! (Cosplayer: Rachel)

Reaction GIF: no, nevermind, Robert Downey Jr.


but thank you everyone !! and thank you more so Brent :3

My pleasure; you looked great. Plus how good is that gif? Best response, IMHO.

(via rachelw0nder)

This was the biggest surprise of the weekend; finding somebody cosplaying as Thranduil, from Noelle Stevenson's “Broship of the Ring” webcomics!

Damnedest thing; I was walking the con floor on Sunday wondering “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Jessica Rabbit cosplayer here?” I turned the corner, and lo & behold…


Daria and Jane!

This was the only photo I didn’t have to edit in any way, shape or form; these two girls nailed it.

Very satisfied with this photo.

Katniss Everdeen in her training costume. After I took this, I told the cosplayer “May the odds ever be in your favour!’; which she responded quite postively to!


The Great Fairy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

I quite like this photo, and she did a great job with this ensemble, despite me not twigging what it was until she reminded me! (I’d clocked OoT at least twice, you’d think I’d recognize it!)

However, the one true bum note I had at Supanova all weekend came right before I took this; a trio of Doctor Who cosplayers (all as the Tenth Doctor, oddly enough) ran up behind me - whilst I was talking to her - and shouted “HEY CAN WE GET OUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH YOU?”

This pissed me off, and I let them know it; I just simply said “Excuse me…you could have waited until I was finished, guys.” My tone of voice indicated I was in mood to be messed with; they very quickly took their picture and slunk off, muttering apologies all the while.

This happened a fair bit over the weekend; I’d be taking a picture whilst someone would literally creep up behind me and snap something on their bloody smartphone without so much as a please or thank you in the cosplayer’s direction. What happened to common courtesy? Or am I just old-fashioned in that respect?

ETA: cosplayer - Bianca Bella