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Don’t forget the short lived cartoon “biker mice from mars”

D’you know, that actually occurred to me after I’d made that post, but TBH, I’ve not actually seen a lot of it (although I do recall it being shown on Cheez TV at some point).

Nostalgia kick for Aussies/explanation for non-Aussies: Cheez TV was a early-morning weekday program on the Ten network that was a wraparound for various imported cartoons. It featured the first X-Men animated series, and later on, the Pokemon cartoon. It was also hosted by two incredibly annoying teenagers, and feaured a distinctive theme tune of its own. It’s since been replaced by the equally inane-sounding Toasted TV.

No! That show is the best! I’m so excited!

*googles* …oh, okay, I get it. Awkward sounds like something I’d enjoy, TBH.

Still an annoying way to plug the show, though.

Asker thetwelfthdr Asks:
The thing where they drank at the Oscars is a running gag/drinking game between the Bridesmaids cast. Every time they hear the word "Scorsese," they would take a drink. See Bridesmaids cast at the SAG awards? They did it there too.
brentkeane brentkeane Said:

Ah, okay. Much appreciated!

As someone who just moved recently, I hope that it all goes smoothly, that you’re able to settle into your new digs without much discomfort, and that most of your stuff remains undamaged! I’d say “all,” but I’m realistic. Take care, pally!

(Belated) Thanks, John; I’m glad to say that my belongings made it through largely intact.

about-faces replied to your photo: What an utter dud of a film; the very definition…
The DVD is going to be an “Expanded Cut.” Since it was clear that the theatrical release was chopped to hell, with entire scenes missing and replaced, hopefully it’ll pull a DAREDEVIL: DIRECTOR’S CUT and become a passable film for a better sequel.

Let’s hope so! However, it’s exclusive to Blu-Ray in this region, and the DVD looks like it’ll have just the theatrical cut. *sigh*

monsterpussy replied to your photo: THE TUMBLR DEBATE SHOULD IT BE A SECRET? Um, I…


Exactly my reaction before I photographed that at my local Coles. I expect it’s about keeping one’s blog a secret from your crush/boyfriend/etcetera, but it’s such a badly-phrased strapline I had to capture it for posterity.

kayfabe replied to your photo: …what’s the scariest thing you’ve seen in real…

I was gutted when Stan Winston passed on; between his work on the Terminator films and Aliens, he was the first FX person whose work I took notice of, and he set such a high standard.

comiccharm replied to your photo: I have never, ever been as bored reading a comic…
Still so glad that I’ve decided not to spend any money this month on DC comics. *curls up next to Marvel, IDW and Dark Horse*

I still intend to look at some of the first issues in the coming weeks: Batgirl (‘cos it’s Gail), Action Comics (despite Grant Morrison’s recent bout of verbal diarrhea), Aquaman (been a fan of Ivan Reis for years) and Stormwatch (ditto Paul Cornell). Maybe Resurrection Man & Suicide Squad, the latter if only to confirm my worst fears about the DCnU. However, it’s likely by the time 2012 rolls around, I will revert back to a full-fledged Marvel zombie. Honestly, the X-Men books are looking like a haven of normality by comparison!

jeanhannah replied to your post: ohthepaint replied to your post: What’s the…

ugh i hate camping at music festivals! i did once and i spent most of it plotting my escape.

I’d probably do likewise in the same situation. I’m not an outdoorsy type, and crowds tend to make me nervous (depending on size). Whenever I’d read about Glastonbury or one of our local festivals like Meredith, part of me thinks “oh man, it’d be cool to see such-and-such a band”, but the drawbacks would personally outweigh any benefits.

ohthepaint replied to your post: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without a bath or shower?

whoa, man. i guess you never went camping or to a multi-day music festival?

No, haven’t done either of those things. Camping’s just never realy appealed to me  - although I’m not averse to the idea - but combining that with loud music, drugs (recreational and otherwise) and bad food? I’d run a mile.