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Uhura is havin’ none of your Bullshit Jim, past, present or future

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Still, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 1986

About to to (re)watch this, my “Christmas” film du jour.


Stills, “The Trouble With Tribbles”

"So Scotty, who’s the new Prime Minister of Australia?"

"Tony Abbott, sir!"

"…ah shit."


Just Katee Sackhoff cosplaying for Geek Magazine. *faints*

Starbuck is the Fourth Doctor


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So I was talking to my friend about role reversal and then this happened

I’m okay with this.


So I was talking to my friend about role reversal and then this happened

I’m okay with this.

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  • TREKMOVIE.COM: Do you know JJ Abrams?
  • NICK MEYER: Yes I was at his bar mitzvah. He is the son of my friend Jerry [Gerald Abrams]
  • TREKMOVIE.COM: Did you know (The Wrath of Khan) is his favorite Trek movie?
  • NICK MEYER: No I didn’t but I am glad he likes it.
  • TREKMOVIE.COM: Some have said that (the reboot) is like when you came in with a new team 25 years ago, even calling Abrams ‘the new Nick Meyer.’ So do you have any advice for young JJ?
  • NICK MEYER: Go with your gut.
  • TREKMOVIE.COM: Apparently the plan is for them to get back to basics and return to the Original Series. What do you think are the basics of Trek…what is at the heart of Trek?
  • NICK MEYER: Gosh…men against the universe…a Howard Hawksian idea. I don’t know, I am not a very analytical person. I am more intuitive, that is why I say ‘go with your gut.’ I have never been able to account for the success of this. I think its optimism, its belief calls to us. The notion that people can work together and that at the end of the day everybody is human. Whether that is true or not is another question, but I think that it’s a pleasant daydream. But beyond that I can’t presume to give him advice.

I’ll just be over here, having flashbacks to last year’s convention.

I was with the film up to a point - I believe the point was when [Benedict] Cumberbatch (disclosed his identity) - and then it sped downhill like an Olympic gold medal bobsled team…

The crew of the Enterprise haven’t evolved much since we last saw them. They’ve been going on missions but Kirk is still Kirk, and Spock is still Spock. And that’s pretty much it because this is the Kirk and Spock show. Seriously. I actually felt sorry for the rest of the cast because no one else had a chance to shine or even really act together as a crew. Uhura got to speak Klingon, Sulu got to sit in the captain’s chair and sound badass for about 10 seconds, Scotty shut down an enemy ship and opened an air lock, Bones got to say funny things, and Chekov…ran around a lot. What a waste of a tremendous group of actors. I won’t go into Dr. Carol Marcus all that much but suffice to say, her purpose in the film was minimal and they made her stand around in underwear for absolutely no reason. We didn’t even see an actual display of the intelligence she was touted to have…

Star Trek Into Darkness was incredibly hollow for me. Not just as a Trek fan but as a moviegoer. I’m all for mindless action films now and then but that’s not what Star Trek is in our culture. At least, it didn’t used to be. When you think back on the legacy of the previous films, there was always a point or lesson to be had, even if it was kind of lame (The Final Frontier, I’m looking at you). This film had none of that. The only possible thing I could take away from it was a lesson in friendship but even that seems trite considering we don’t really get a chance to see the crew interact in such a way. They’re too busy dealing with explosions, you see?

Has Boobs, Reads Comics: Hera, Help Me, I Hated Star Trek Into Darkness



He said Star Trek is too “philosophical”? Screw that noise.


I don’t know when this interview happened but I AM SAD AND ANGRY NOW 

The philosophies in Star Trek are kinda part of the actual setting. If you don’t get that, why are you allowed to make Star Trek movies.

Sigh. The whole point of Star Trek is that it’s philosophical. If you don’t want philosophical Science Fiction, there’s plenty of that for you to enjoy, but Star Trek is philosophical. Philosophy is part of Star Trek’s DNA, and if you’re given the captain’s chair, you’d better damn well respect that.